Colette In her EIO with Sitter Seat

Matthieu from France

The only thing I can say is: THANK YOU!!
Thank you Special Tomato for having made such perfect fit products (EIO stroller + Sitter seat)
Thank you Peder L., our Global Carehab contact who was a great help all the time to offer us the best combination of products for our daughter’s needs

Coming back on the EIO stroller, we have bought this product because our little girl, 22 months old, 16.5KG and 95cm
was no longer comfortably seated in any stroller on the market in France.
After some long hours searching on the web, we were won over by the characteristics of the EIO on paper.

After a huge number of email exchanges with Peder, we have decided to confirm our order and the least we can say is that we are more than convinced by this stroller.
It has all the advantages of a ‘medical’ stroller without the inconveniences! And with the Sitter seat, we achieve an unmatched level of comfort for the child.

This brand really worth the try, trust me!!

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