EIO Push Chair from Special Tomato (DK)

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The EIO Push Chair is a lightweight 11 kg push chair, for children up to 125 cm in height and 40 kg weight. The EIO are for users with different needs and consists of shielding from surroundings, sensory input, rest and sleeping, positioning with harness and cushions. It is easy to handle and manouvre with low maintenance.


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Lightweight Push Chair 11 kg

The EIO standard features is Canopy, footrest
The EIO has an integrated reclineable back which allow children to rest or take naps, and becasue of the canopy is big it great to block out the sun

We often see the EIO push chair being used for children diagnosed with Dawn Syndrome, Autism, MD as well as CP and other diagnoses with disorders in the stimuli.

For children up to 125 cm in height and 40 kg weight.

The Special Tomato® EIO Push Chair is the best of both worlds. A special needs stroller that provides mild to moderate positioning support AND a lightweight stroller that provides all of the bells and whistles that make it easier for the caregiver on the go! The EIO Push Chair is intended to be used with children in Early Intervention all the way through to Preadolescence. Now you can take your child with you wherever you go and you won’t have to worry about your child’s positioning needs. The EIO Push Chair will take care of that for you!

When we make fittings of the EIO push chair with children we often bring both the EIO and the Jogger Special Tomato push chairs. The choice between one or the other often comes down to two general questions.

1: If the child needs to be shielded from the surroundings and/or need to sleep!

In this case the EIO push chair is ideal duo the large Canopy and the reclining back provide a large private room for the child. For sleeping the footrest adjust to horizontal level and provide an almost flat surface with the reclining back

2: If the family wish to be active with the child!

In this case the Jogger Special Tomato is ideal, as it has a strong and durable frame, with air wheels and spring in the rear.

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Product Standard Highlights

  • Padded headrest
  • Padded 5-point harness
  • Canopy
  • Parent window in top of canopy
  • Cushions for lateral and hip support
  • Solid wheels with quick release
  • Medical bag / Necessity bag
  • Parking brake

Product Features / Adjustments

The EIO can be fitted with or Sitter seat size 1-2 and liner seat size 1-2, besides this it also have a adjustable handlebar so the users guardian can adjust it to the right position

Angle adjustable push bar 

The EIO can be fitted with or Sitter seat size 1-2 and liner seat size 1-2, besides this the EIO also have a adjustable footrest so if your child would like to rest or sleep you can recline the back and almost lay flat like in a bed

Angle adjustable footwell 

Height adjustable footrest cushion

Recline back to almost horizontal

Front wheels swivel or fixed w. directional stabilizer and quick release

The EIO push chair folds very easily even without detaching the wheels, and it will still roll so you wont have to lift it off the ground

Easy to fold in one step

Product Accessories

Rain Cover

Padded Headrest with extra support

Posen til ben gør det stadig muligt at bruge selerne i klapvognene

Bag for legs
With seat and back

Posen til ben er nem at samle for barnet, da du bare dykker ind i den ene side for at holde dig varm og hyggelig.

Bag for legs
Without seat and back

Product Upgrade

The EIO Push Chair from Special Tomato is equipped with a wide range of features, allowing many to make use of the standard version. But if the child needs just a little extra support, we can mount the Liner Seat and Back (size 1 and 2) or the Sitte Seat (size 1 and 2) in the EIO push Chair. These extra cushions can easily be placed or removed from the EIO, allowing the extra cushions to be used with regular chairs. This is most useful when parents go out to a reastaurant, freinds or family. The cushions are Soft Touch and very comfortable for the child providing comfort and support. The surface is easy to clean with normal detergent

Liner Seat Cushions in EIO Push Chair

The Liner size 1 to 2 can be fitted into our EIO and Jogger Push Chair and make it more comfortable ride for your child

Liner Seat cushion provide better pelvic support 
Liner Back cushion provide better lateral support 

Sitter Seat in EIO Push Chair

The Sitter size 1 to 2 can be fitted into our EIO and Jogger Push Chair and make an even more comfortable ride for your child

Sitter Seat is a seat and back in one piece and gives contoured support

The Liner cushions or the Sitter Seats being used in the EIO push chair can easily be removed and used on regular chairs or simply with a floor base providing the child with the option to be social and active with other children on the floor.


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