Daniel in his Sitter Seat

Daniel with his Sitter Seat and Liner

Our son Daniel is now 7 years old. He has Cerebral Palsy after getting vaccination at the age of 4 months. He uses a wheelchair for long distances and Nimbo walker for walking inside. He is a GMFS4 Quadraplegic. Daniel is a smart boy who enjoys learning new things, traveling and playing video games.

Since playing video games requires more hands control, he stops to control his back at this time. It’s hard for him to do two things together – sit up straight and play. Tomato sitter is a perfect solution for him. It provides great positioning and helps to control his body. We also like that the sitter has a large area between the legs that keeps his spastic legs separated. Now Daniel is able to spend time playing Playstation and watching TV in comfort.

This is our third Special Tomato Sitter that we have purchased. We also use a Special Tomato Liner daily that lets Daniel to sit on his own at the table with family. We use it at home, restaurants and on vacation.
We are very happy with the Special Tomato Sitter and highly recommend it to other families as an alternative to a wheelchair.

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