Delta Bicycle Trailer

News: Delta Jogger as a Bicycle Trailer

Delta Bicycle kit attached parts, top safety bar to prptect the user from falling out of Push chair

The Delta Jogger can be converted from a Jogger into a bicycle trailer with a Bicycle Kit. This kit secures a safe and easy conversion in the simple steps shown below.

Instructions for mounting trailer to bicycle

Place the abduction on the flat surface between the round bars. afterwards, push the abductions holes to be aligned with the metal claws.

Push the safety pin through the abductions holes and metal claws.

This is how the Bicycle conversion kit shall look when its attached to the Delta front

Slide the towing bar through the big abductions hole and place the small safety pin on the opposite side to fasten.

Attach to towing bar to your bike, and take your child on an enjoyable ride outside.

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