Hip, Chest & Pelvis Harness

Hip, Chest & Pelvic Harness

2-Point Harness

hip 2 point harness with covered side release and a single strap for adjustment

4-Point Harness

4 point hip harness with covered side release and single adjustable strap
Hip 2 point harness with center push release and a single strap for adjustments
4 point hip harness only with side release and a single adjustable strap

The hip positioning harness comes in two versions with different locking mechanism and adjustment options.

The Kinetic Balance hip positioning harness belts come with two padded sections to ensure user comfort and proper pressure distribution. The nylon straps have been worked neatly into the padded sections. The padded parts are made of high-quality materials and are dirt and water-resistant. The measurements are marked clearly on the inside of the belt and the trim strip on the nylon straps ensures correct symmetric settings, even when the practitioner is situated behind the device. This also means you can use this to determine and check your adjustments. Every client and every issue is unique, and so is every hip positioning harness requirement.

Chest Harness

Strechable chest support for women
chest support strechable for women only

The Woman Chest Positioning Harness with non-flexible higher pressure distribution. The KB chest positioning has flex-control to provide the necessary flexibility as specified by the practitioner/prescriber. The flex control is located on the upper strap of the chest positioning vest. The degree of flexibility can be adjusted both symmetrically and asymmetrically. You can therefore choose to provide one half of the body with more support than the other, to correct a twisted spine, for example. The non-flexible chest positioning comes in various sizes in both women’s and men’s designs. They also come with covered clasps and anti-slip print.

Chest Support strechable standard
Standard Chest Support positioning only which is strechable

These Mens Chest Positioning Harnesses are flexible models and are made from waterproof neoprene. We chose this material to provide sufficient support and comfort for the torso. The unique and patented anti-slip print on the inside of the vest ensures it sits properly on the shoulders and remains in place. All models come with four covered side-click buckles as standard. If desired, we can provide a model with a zip instead. Available in women’s and men’s designs.

Chest Harness strechable with zipper for easy open and closeure
Chest Support Positioning with zipper only
H Chest Support Positioning non strechable

The H-Chest Positioning Harness is a non-flexible H-positioning harness and is available in various sizes. Equipped with covered clasps over the release bugles

Pelvic Harness

Pelvic hip harness made of soft materials, with two side releases
Pelvic hip harness Back view strechable
strechable Pelvic hip harness

The pelvic positioning harness ensures good pelvic support to keep the wearer upright. The three-point mounting points support the wearer’s pelvic brim or anterior superior iliac spine, stabilise the pelvis, and restrain the pubic bone so the pelvis is unable to shift forward or backwards. This flexible pelvic positioning harness is comfortable as the materials allow the wearer a small degree of movement. Covered side-click clasps make the positioner easy to assemble. The non-flexible positioner ensures correct pressure distribution when more direct pressure is needed. Pressure on the left and right-hand sides is determined by means of a precision setting.

Ankle Positioning

Ankle support with velcro strap to secure the users feet and stabilze
Ankle positioning support with strap for fasten to the user ankles

This ankle positioning keep the legs/feet at the correct angle to provide a strong sitting position. If you also want to inhibit spasms, ankle positioning is an essential component in the positioning range. Our ankle positioning device is ergonomic and provides the right amount of pressure and comfort levels. The adjustable straps mean the feet and legs still have the correct range of motion. This model has a quick release closure.

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