Ines in her Sitter Seat

Tomato Seat brought our daughter Ines, completely wheelchair bound, whole new ways to play, interact, possibilities, comfort, fun and joy.

We used Tomato Seat to sit on the couch, so she could snuggle up with the whole family. Our adapted on a chair.

We also used the seat to sit on the floor, to play with other children. On eye level, near and around the other children brought a whole new and easier way to connect, interact and play together.

Tomato Seat adapted on the rolling base brought so much fun and joy!

To expand possibilities to play we made a swing ourself that fits the Tomato Seat so Ines could swing comfortable and safe.

We took the lightweight seat along with us on holidays, visits, daycare and hospital (to sit in the hospital bed)

On summerdays Ines was sitting in the garden in her Tomato Seat. We took Ines cycling in our cargo bike, Ines seated in her Tomato Seat.

Tomato Seat brightend our daughters world!


Love, Dijkstra family

NOTE: If you´re interested in the swing system, made by the Djikstra family, then contact them directly

Diana Zuidema

Email: iswingschommelframe(AT)

Phone: +31 (0) 6-83033352

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