Liner Hip-Flex

News: Liner Seat with a flexible back for reclining backs

The Special Tomato Liner Hip-Flex is a great alternative to our normal liner, the Hip-Flex has a reclinable back, which makes it a perfect fit to use in reclineable push chairs or chairs.

Same sizes as the Liner Seat classic
# 7206010x Liner HipFlex size 1
# 7206020x Liner HipFlex size 2
# 7206030x Liner HipFlex size 3
# 7206040x Liner HipFlex size 4
# 7206050x Liner HipFlex size 5

The Liner HipFlex can be used in combination with different products

The Out & About seating system is easy to mount to regular chairs at restaurants, the movies, stadiums etc. easily fitted with Liner classic or Hip-Flex

The HipFlex cushion used together with an Out and About Seating – OAS

The HipFlex cushion is ideal for pushchairs with a recline back. So when the child needs to rest, the Back can be reclined and the HipFlex will follow. The picture show a reclined EIO back.

The jogger is equipped with a reclineable back for the user to be able to rest while in the push chair

The Jogger Special Tomato with a reclined back can be equipped with a Liner Hip Flex Seat cushion

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