Out & About (OAS)

News: Out & About (OAS)

Out & About is lightweight and attachable to regular chair at family or friend gatherings, barbecues and camping etc.

An OAS as it comes standard

The Out & About seating system is easy to mount to regular chairs at restaurants, the movies, stadiums etc. easily fitted with Liner classic or Hip-Flex

This OAS has been equipped with a Liner Back and a HipFlex Seat cushion.

The OAS is a great seating support for on-the-road. Low weight and compact makes it easy to bring along. It has a great range in user age, and will be suitable for most children between 2 and 12 years of age, in one and the same unit. The OAS comes sandard with a headrest and two sizes of the harness, in order to accomodate the full range of the user ages.

The OAS is easy to brig along, and straps are prepared to carry it as a backpack making your arms free. The OAS straps safely to almost all regular chairs.

The Out & About is designed to fit regular chairs and is easily attach to the chair with 3 straps

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