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Benecykl for outdoor activities with the family

The Benecykl Stroller series, is a stable construction and allows use even in difficult terrain while maintaining the comfort of the occupant. The cambered wheels ensure safe handling over uneven terrain and stones preventing the stroller from turning over. Thanks to the unique front axle system, it is possible to change the position of the whole stroller. It is very easy to change from a sitting up to a reclined position.

Benecykl baby Country is essential for families who enjoys the great outdoors, your child is places in a comfortable stroler with padded sides, back and off cause the harness

Benecykl  Small Country
user: 0 – 4 years
Height: up to 100 cm
Capacity: up to 40 kg

Benecykl Junior Country is build for children from 4-10 years of age, and will provide a comfortable fit up to 140cm in height and 60 kg

Benecykl Medium Country
user: 5- 10 years
Height: up to 140 cm
Capacity: up to 60 kg

Benecykl Max Basis can be mounted on a bicycle , so your child can come with you on a ride in the forrest

Bencykl Large Country
user: older than 10 years
Height: up to 180 cm
Capacity: up to 75 kg

Benecykl may be used for skiing and outdoor acitivities for the active family
Benecykl may be usef for Running allow the user to take part in activities

Product Features / Adjustment

  • Frame with upholstery and 5 point harness
  • Rear wheel with drum brakes
  • Bicyle rod with flag
The benecykl can be fitted with a pair of parking brakes which secure the bike from rolling away while parked

Benecykl Parking Brake

The benecykl have a large frontwheel which is great for rough terrain

Large Front Wheel

The benecykl can have a small swivel wheel attached, which makes turning around small spaces a lot easier for the one pushing

Swivel Front Wheel

Benecykl can be equipped with a bicycle set, which you easily can fasten to your adult bike and go outdoor for an enjoyfull ride

Bicycle set

Benecykl mesh cover, is great when your are out in the nature as it will keep bugs and other stuff away from your child

Mesh Cover

Benecykl Rain Cover prevents your child from getting wet, while outside and keep them dry till youre home

Rain Cover

Small Rear Bag

The benecykl can be fitted with a handle bag, which allows you to keep all the necessary to stuff close and a bottle of water if you are out running with your child

 Bag handle

Benecykl Max Basis can be mounted on a bicycle , so your child can come with you on a ride in the forrest


Product Accessories

Our Benecykl Push chair have a large assortment of accessories, which provides you to do multiple outdoor activities. We are happy to inform you will now be able to show your child, all kind of nature and landscapes.

Benecykl can be equipped with arm support gives the user somewhere to hold on, if you dicide to go on a rough ride

Arm Support

Benecykl Headrest will keep your childs head upright and secure from uncontrolable head motions

Head Support

This wheel cover is extremly durable and keeps the tire from getting dirty, it is great to use if it is wet outside

Cover for Wheels

the benecykls tires can be stored/carried in this bag

Bag for Wheels

The Extended shade is especially good for really sun shinny days while out.

Extended Sun Screen

Benecykl can be equipped with a padded protective body/chest harness to secure your child from jumping out of the push chair by thenself.

Chest Fixation

With the transport bag you are able to seal you benecykl up and easily carry the push chair, it is also great for storage and keeps the push chair dust & dirt free.

Transport Protection

The winter sack will prevent your child from getting cold doing the winter while outside

Winter Sack

Benecykl rear atorage bag, is great if you are out of the house and need a place to place medical equitment ect.

Big Rear Bag

Benecykl can be equipped with front bags, which makes a great storage compartment, while outdoor doing a ride

Front Bag

The wheels can be fitted with a wheel cover to prevent anything getting stuck in the spokes

 Transparent Wheel Cover

You can bring your Benecykl out in the snow, with the sledge set you can bring your child out to see the white snow and winter enviorment

 Sledge set

The benecykl is not only made for running or bikeride, but you are now able to go skiing with your child, with the ski set, which is easy attachable

 Ski set

you is now able to attach the benecykl with a towing bar, to tow your child behind.

 Towbar set

Product Upgrade / Substitude

Delta Jogger

This Delta Jogger is perfect for parents who wants to share outdoor experiences with their special needs child. It is easy to transport and very comfortable for your child. There is a large range of accessories for the Delta Jogger that makes is even more comfortable and versatile – some are rain cover, headrest and travelbag. You can see all the options below. Decide on your Delta version model with a fixed back or a recline back, and the accessories available for the chosen version will appear.

Regular Delta Jogger Terrain, with very durable frame and canvas. great for outdoor acivities, such as walking in the mountain, snow, dessert etc.
Baby Junior Max
Weight 13,5 kg 16,5 kg 18,5 kg
Height including wheels 105 cm 120 cm 120 cm
Wheel width 78 cm 78 cm 78 cm
0-4 years 4-10 years 10 years and over
Max user weight 40 cm 60 cm 75 cm
Max user height
100 cm 140 cm 180 cm
Back length 65 cm 70 cm 90 cm
Seat length 22 cm 40 cm 40 cm
Leg length 55 cm 80 cm 100 cm
Seat width 31 cm 33 cm 33 cm
Shoulder width 38 cm 38 cm 40 cm
Transportable measures Baby Junior Max
Width 58 cm 62 cm 62 cm
Length 114 cm 136 cm 158 cm
Height 66 cm 71 cm 85 cm