Catch Up Chair

The New CatchUp Chair by Special Tomato is a very stable, highly adjustable, mobile seat. It is easily configured without tools to provide a perfect fit seat with foot support at the perfect height for a variety of tabletop surfaces. It is appropriate for individuals with special needs who require mild to moderate additional postural support in sitting. The CatchUp Chair fits children through adults weighing up to 250 lbs. “Catching up” and staying caught up with your child’s growth and a proper fit has never been this easy.

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The Catch up chair can be implemented with a taller headrest for children with sudden head movement
Catch Up Chair

Therapists, teachers, and parents know that when a child sits in a chair that fits properly, they can maintain good posture and tolerate being still and focused for longer periods of time. They do not fatigue as quickly. When children are seated comfortably, they can direct their attention to important matters such as learning, eating, creating, and socializing instead of being distracted by postural adjustments and wiggling to get comfortable. This is even more critical for individuals with special needs who require appropriate support to maintain their postural stability to reach their greatest functional potential.

Special Tomato CatchUp Chair Specifications
Seat Depth
11-17″ (28-43cm)
Seat Width (No Armrests)
16″ (41cm)
Seat Width
(between Small Armrests)
14″ (36cm)
Seat Width
(between Large Armrests)
15.5″ (39cm)
Seat Back Height
14-39″ (36-99cm)
Backrest Extension Height
(off the seat cushion)
Winged Headrest Height Range
Shoulder Strap Height
Seat to Footrest (Variable)
 (11.4-26cm) kg)
Seat to Floor
Fixed Seat to Back Angle from Upright
Seat Angle to Floor
Push Handle Height (fixed)
Overall Width – Footprint
Overall Length – Footprint
Overall Height
(Top of Seatback to floor)
Overall Height
(Top of Backrest extension to floor)

Caster Size
Chair Weight
 (34 kg)
User Weight Capacity
(91 kg)


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