Delta Canopy

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The Delta Canopy has a parent window on top and can be folded backwards making the Jogger open. It comes in two versions, a standard version and a version that is extended. The extended version has an extra section in front so the user is protected from outside impressions. This is good for the users trying to hide or feel comfort and protection in their own space. The canopy can gradually be folded into sections to open or close.


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Delta Canopy

The Delta Canopy is a highly preferred accessory by a lot of users. The canopy is made of very durable material, able to withstand water, harsh weather or just block for the sun. We have two variants of the canopy, one for standard usage and the other for more sensitive children. The canopy comes in the following sizes Medium, Large, Xlarge in each variant (Standard & Extended)

Standard Delta Canopy

Delta Jogger with standard canopy, to protect your child from the sun

The standard canopy is for children, in need of quick naps away from the sun or being protected from the rain while outside.

Extended Delta Canopy

The extended delta canopy is for children in need of more closure than other kids, to create a safe place for them to rest in while outdoor. The canopy is equipped with a parent window, which allows the parent and child to still see each other while walking. This insure the child that the parent is always near, anxiety-provoking situations.

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