Janneke Walking Frame (Anterior)

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The Janneke Walking Frame is a Prone Walker and comes in two versions. Version FT has fixed rear wheels with two swivel front wheels. The EVO version has 4 swivel wheels. It is height adjustable with an angle adjustable body support to encourage walking. The steer is height, depth and angle adjustable. Body support is adjustable in width and height.
FT version: two large fixed rear wheels + two swivel front wheels
EVO version: four swivel wheels

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Walker FT Transfer Size *

Walker FT Transfer Size *

Walker FT Size *

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Behind Support

Reverse Brake

Hip Support

Tranparent Tray

Padded Tray

Control Rod

Anti Leg Cross

Arm Support

Front Wheel Brake

Direction Stabilzer

Wheel Size

Drag Brakes

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Janneke FT & Janneke EVO (Anterior Walker)

The Janneke walking frame is high quality and advanced walking frame in different versions. The design of the frame makes it stable and secure an optimal walking position. With the flexible adjustments and accessories, it is possible to accommodate the needs of the users with most needs.

Note that the wheel distance and a (dynamic) centre of gravity are making this walker ideal for a Prone / Anterior Walker.

Janneke comes in 3 versions

Janneke EVO

Janneke walking frame evo with full body support angle view

Four swivel wheels

Janneke FT

Janneke Walking frame FT helps users with difficult walking abilities angle frame

Two fixed rear + two swivel front wheels

Janneke FT Transfer

Janneke walking frame FT with direction lock, control rod attached, side view

Two fixed rear – two swivel front wheels
and a Transfer handle to lower seat extra
to allow loading from wheelchair

Product Standard Highlights

Walking Frame swivel wheel protecter, so the frame and house interior wont take damage

Bumper on frame side
Roll off rings in front

Walking frame adjustetable slim width stomach support

Width adjustable chest support
Abdominal support

Walking Frame front view handle bar adjustet halfway up

Angle adjustable handbar
Depth adjustable handbar

Janneke Walking Frame height adjustable up and down

Anatomic seat adjustable in depth
Bottom support adjustable in height and depth can be removed

Walking frame swivel wheel brake

Wheel brake

Walking Frame swivel wheel dirrection lock

Directional stabilizer for walking straight

Walking Frame with light weight gas spring for height adjustments

The Seat height can be adjusted to approx 30 cm. Please see dimensions for the height adjustment of each size

Walking Frame recline position front

The centre pole can be adjusted to encourage the walking pattern.

The Janneke Anterior walking frame has a lot of standard adjustments and parts making it ready to go for most users. If needed extra accessories can be added as required. See the adjustment of the standard features below as well as the accessories.

Product Features / Adjustments

Height adjustable Seat

Walking Frame Height adjustable low position
Walking Frame Height Adjustable in tallest position
Walking Frame with light weight gas spring for height adjustments

The height adjustment can be made on the spot with the user in the Walking Frame. Please see the dimensions for the height adjustment range. Each size has approx. 30 cm of height adjustment.

Height adjustable Chestsupport

chest support low with bottom support
Walking Frame chest support high position with bottom support

The chest support is stepless height adjustable, independently of the other adjustments. If this adjustment is done often, it can be an advantage by having it done with a finger screws, to avoid using tools.

Center Pole angle adjustment

Walking Frame Reclins position back
Walking Frame tilted up forward
Walking Frame tilted up forward

The centre pole is angle adjustable by a gas spring in the front. The angling can encourage the user to take steps forward.

Bottom support adjustment

Janneke Walking Frame height adjustable up and down
Janneke Walking Frame adjustable back support back and forward
Walking Frame only profile view

The bottom support is depth adjustable and can easily be removed completely for easy access in and out.

Handbar adjustment

Walking Frame front view handle bar adjustet halfway up
Walking frame front view handle bar adjustet downwards
Walking Frame profile view handle bar adjustet backward

The handlebar is angle adjustable to accommodate different ways of grip and holding. The handle bar is also depth adjustable.

Body and Hip Support Width adjustment

Walking frame adjustetable slim width stomach support
Walking Frame stomach support adjustet wide width
Walking Frame width adjustable chest support with easy open/close neopren belt

The chest support is adjustable in width simply by pressing it together. This means it can be done on the spot and fitted the user for most comfort and support. The back is secured with a neoprene belt.

Walking Frame Accessories

Walking Frame FT wheel tailing brake and verse brake

Reverse brake on FT version. Also available for swivel wheels.

Walking Frame with lower back andshoulder support attached for user with a problem leaning forward

Lower Back & Mid Back Support

Walking Frame with loweer back, shoulder and head support attached for user without a controlled upper body and it prevents them from falling out of the frame

Back and Neck support

Walking Frame stomach adjustet up and forward

Extra Hip or Chest Support 

Walking Frame arm support for the lower arm such as the elbow

Arm Support, mounted on hand bar

The Walking Frame can be equipped with a transparent tray with suction holders

Transparent Tray with holders for hands

Padded standing support, not supposed to sit on the rod

Seat roll (protects user if falling)

Walking Frame anti cross leg, allowing the users legs to be controlled on each side to funtion

Anti Leg Cross

Walking Frame padded legs seperator

Small Leg Seperator

Walking Frame padded leg seperator board, to prevent stumbling

Padded Leg Seperator

Protection for knees on the walking frame

Knee Padding

Walking Frame wheel with multiple type of locks

Multiple Wheel Lock Mechanisme


Janneke FT Janneke EVO std. wheels
Size Mini [x=1] Maxi [x=2] Maxiplus [x=3] 1[x=1] 2[x=2] 3[x=3] XL[x=4]
Frame length 69 cm. 78 cm. 88 cm. 63 cm. 70 cm. 80 cm. 80 cm.
Frame width 58 cm. 67 cm. 76 cm. 52 cm. 62 cm. 68 cm. 68 cm.
User age 3 – 8 years 8 – 16 years Adults 1 – 6 years 6 – 12 years 12 – 16 years Adults
Height seat system 30 – 60 cm. 51 – 81 cm. 61 – 90 cm. 18 – 48 cm. 35 – 65 cm. 46 – 76 cm. 60 – 90 cm.
Maximum weight capacity 60 kg 85 kg 100 kg 35 kg 60 kg 85 kg 100 kg
Stel weight 17 kg 18 kg 20 kg 15 kg 16 kg 18 kg 18 kg


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