MPS Seating system with Bases

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The MPS (Multiple Positioning Seating) system, comes in a small and large shell. For each shell you have to decide on the following cushions: Headrest, Back- and Seat cushion. The cushions allow growth, where the small shell can be used from 9 month to 9 years of age, and the large from shell from 6 years to adulthood (small adult). The MPS can be mounted on regular chairs on regular bases such as indoor base or push chair bases.


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MPS Mobile Base Small (Indoor)

MPS Mobile Base Large (Indoor)

Delta Jogger Base Small (Outdoor)

Delta Jogger Base Large (Outdoor)

MPS Tray (Small)

MPS Tray Large

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Soft Touch Cushions

The Special Tomato™ Multi-Positioning Seating system has been designed to offer comfortable and proper positioning support. Designed for use at home, school, and anywhere else your child’s busy lifestyle takes them. The MPS Seating System, are specally good for play activities with other kids 

The soft, lightweight, and durable modular seating surface cushions allow for individualized adjustment. Seating surface modules are soft for comfort, but are supported by the seat shell to maintain position. Cushions are made from a new latex-free material that is not only soft, but is tough and durable to withstand deflating, cracking, and is impermeable to fluids. 

Product Highlights

  • MPS Seating system shell comes in 2 sizes – Small and Large
  • Choice of 2 different types of headrests – Standard and Lateral
  • Choice of 2-3 different back cushions 
  • Choice of 4 different seat cushions
  • Integrated 5-point Harness – padded straps for better comfort
  • Has Integrated straps for securely attachment to standard chairs 
  • The Special Tomato products contains NO Phthalates 
  • Latex free material 
  • Peel- and tear-resistant and impermebale to fluids 
  • Withstand cracking 
  • Anti-microbial agent 
  • Cleans easy with common disinfectants 
This Wooden mobile base is made to mount a MPS seat onto, which will make it easy accesable to your child and is also easy to maneuvre around the house as well as the instution
TheMPS Mobile base tray attachment are used mount the tray onto the shell, but they do not need the detached with the tray

MPS Cushions

Headrest Cushions

MHL / Lateral Headrest
With more support around the neck
18 cm x 15 cm

MBL / Lateral Headrest
With more support around the neck

MHS / Standard Headrest
Less neck support for children with more head control
19 cm x 16,5 cm

MBS / Standard Headrest
Less neck support for children with more head control

SMALL - Back and Seat Cushions

Back Cushions

20 cm x 21,5 cm

23 cm x 28 cm

Seat Cushions

18 cm x 15 cm

22 cm x 20 cm

The mps comes in various sizes as well as colors

25 cm x 25 cm

25 cm x 30 cm

LARGE - Back and Seat Cushions

Back Cushions

25,5 cm x 28 cm

28 cm x 33 cm


Seat Cushions

28 cm x 28 cm

30 cm x 33 cm

33 cm x 38 cm

33 cm x 43 cm

Product Accessories

MPS Tray

The MPS tray can be used for the MPS shell soyour child have theirown dinner table while they sit in their comfortable soft touch cuhusions

MPS tray

The MPS mobile base are easy to maneuvre around the house and instutions, and is also easy to clean if it gets dirty

MPS tray attached to mobile base

The MPS Tray is able to tilt backwards and forwards as well as the MPS shell it self

MPS tray tilt adjustable

Seat Cushions – Small & Large

CushionsSeat widthSeat depthHip Flex angleSeat to Footrestapprox. user ageapprox. user height
MS118cm (7″)15cm (6″) -15° to + 15°15-40cm (6″-16″)9mos.-3yrs71cm-94cm (28″-37″)
MS323cm (9″)20cm (8″) -15° to + 15°15-40cm (6″-16″)2yrs-5yrs71cm-94cm (28″-37″)
MS525cm (10″)25cm (10″) -15° to + 15°15-40cm (6″-16″)4yrs-8yrs101cm-127cm (40″-50″)
MS725cm (10″)30cm (12″) -15° to + 15°15-40cm (6″-16″)5yrs-9yrs109cm-132cm (43″-52″)
ML128cm (11″)28cm (11″)-15° to + 15°20-45cm (8″-18″)6yrs-9yrs114cm-147cm (45″-58″)
ML330cm (12″)30cm (12″)-15° to + 15°20-45cm (8″-18″)8yrs-11yrs122cm-152cm (48″-60″)
ML533cm (13″)38cm (15″)-15° to + 15°20-45cm (8″-18″)10yrs-14yrs122cm-157cm (48″-62″)
ML733cm (13″)43cm (17″)-15° to + 15°20-45cm (8″-18″)12 – adult147cm- (58″- )

Back Cushions – Large

CushionsLateral widthHeightTop of Back cushionTop of Head cushionapprox. user ageapprox. user height
MS220cm (8″)21cm (8.5″)28cm-40cm (11″-16″)45-58cm (18″-23″)9mos.-3yrs71cm-94cm (28″-37″)
MS423cm (9″)28cm (11″)38cm-51cm (15″-20″)53-56cm (21″-26″)2yrs-9yrs81cm-132cm (32″-52″)
ML225cm (10″)28cm (11″)38cm-51cm (15″-20″)61cm-71cm (24″-28″)6yrs-9yrs114cm-147cm (45″-58″)
ML428cm (11″)33cm (13″)48cm-56cm (19″-22″)66cm-76cm (26″-30″)8yrs-adult122cm- (48″-)


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