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The Vakucare is a moldable Seat and Back system that can be molded to the shape of the user. The shape can be changed if needed simply by adding or subtracking air from the cushion. The cushion is made standard to fit the chair where the Vakucare Seat or back will be used. Below you have to decide on 1 of 2 maximum standard sizes (we will contact you for correct measures). The Vakucare comes with a cover and a spacer making the cover soft and breathable.


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Seat and Back Cushions

The Vakucare moldable cushions are two seperate support cushions. Both cushions can be used independently or together and placed in regular chairs, wheelchairs or in a seating systems  where extra support or correction is needed. The cushions are made as standard to fit in your specific chair or wheelchair which will hold vakuform cushions in place. The cushions does comes with a cover and a spacer in order to regulate the heat and allow air ventilation. The shape of the cushion can be changed if needed, simply by adding a little air into the cushion, which makes the cushion moldable. This also means that the shape can be changed if the user develops and need a different shape / support or if the user simple grows.

  • Retrofittable in many standard products
  • Shapes individually to every body.
  • Additional lateral support
A vakuform back cushions with lareral supports
The vakuform can be fitted with a outside cover, for a nicer look

Moldable cushions

The shape of the vakuform cushions are made by air in or out

Before molding the cushion it should be flattened with a softness / hardness where the material can be moved and stay in the new position. If it is too difficult to move the inside material, it can be made easier by pump 2 – 3 times with air into the cushion, making it a little softer.

The vakuform cushions can be shaped with the hands

When the cushion has the correct density it can be shaped by hand in order to make the correction support or shape. This requires that you already know how the cushion should be shaped.

Vakuform back shaped according to the user

The vakuform cushion can also be shaped by the body shape of the user when the cushion is soft. Corrections can be made on the spot making sure that the user has the correct sitting position. Once this has been achieved, the air in the cushion can be removed by turning the hose of the pump. The hose with the red mouth piece will remove the air and the other hose will incert air into the cushion.

Vakuform seat cushion can be shaped according to the user by extracing air from the cushion

The Seat vakuform cushion can be shaped in the same way as the back cushion. Flatten the cushion with a density allowing to make the shape.

A flat seat cushion before custom shaped

Place the cushion where you wish to make use of it.

A molded cushion according to the user shape

The Seat cushion is made according to body of the user. If special corrections are needed, they you may do this afterwards or during the user is sitting in the cushion. Please make sure that the user is able to accept being moved and corrections made in the pelvic area. A physiatherapist or others with knowledge about the user will be most helpfull in this process.

Vakuform Cushions Push Chairs

Vakuform back cushion in a Delta Jogger

Vakuform Cushion with low back cushion and laterals in a Delta Jogger.

Vakuform high back with laterals in a Delta Jogger

Vakuform Cushion with high back and laterals in a Delta Jogger.

Vakucoon is a moldable seating which makes a perfect fit for the user body shape, and it is made to fit wheelchairs/push chairs and buggies.

Vakucoon Cushion with back, seat and leg support in a regular wheelchair

Backsupport w. sidepads Back cushion Seating cushion
Back ergo Back ergo XL Back Back XL Seat Seat
46 x 46 x 6 60 x 70 x 6 46 x 46 x 6 60 x 60 x 6 46 x 46 x 6 60 x 60 x 6


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