Tammo in his Sitter Seat

Tammo and the sitter.

Tammo is now 6 years old and since birth unable to walk or even to sit because of a lack and desease of his brain. Nevertheless he is very curious boy and he loves laughing and beeing with other children, watching them playing around him. Then he is smiling and laughing and also very exited.

We needed an easy solution to place him next to the children and therefore the sitter helps us, so we can place the sitter easy on the ground next the all the other children. It perfect for him.
What is more the sitter is very usefull for us , because its easy and quick to take everywhere. The sitter is pretty light and very easy to carry and to handle. You dont need much space in the car to take the sitter with you. Theese are the main differences to all other mobile sitting solutions Tammo already has.

For us its a perfect solution to take the sitter with us whenever we are travellig around and to place Tammo on every chair at a table directly next to us. We use the sitter whenever we are visiting friends of us, also in restaurants or as you can see in the pictures when visiting Tammos grandparents.

So we are happy that we have seen the sitter at the exibition in Düsseldorf in 2019.

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