The stroller is a dream! Lightweight, maneuverable, stylish! When I saw her, I just fell in love! I would never have thought that it was designed for children with special needs! Everything suits me: the length – the child will be able to ride comfortably for a long time so that the legs do not “hang down”, and large wheels, and the angle of inclination of the back (you can choose any one for the child ), and the side tabs – the child “does not ride” in it in the summer, and in winter it fits perfectly in clothes, and the angle of inclination of the seat does not slide the daughter, and the big hood, and the footboard with a lot of positions, and many other useful things 🙂 we also bought a headrest and now we are happy to ride a pro ulku, unnecessarily. the position of the daughter in the stroller is very convenient and correct !!! And of course, I can not help but note the cost of the stroller – I have not yet met the best combination of price and quality !!!! Thanks to Peder Lindhardt and the whole team for their excellent work, for the advice and good attitude to customers !!