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Worldwide shipping

Worldwide Shipping

We do ship to a wide range of different countries around the world and offer many different ways of shipping…
CE certified

CE Certified

Products for people with special needs are categorized as Medical Products and have to be CE certified. The products we…
Products in stock

Products in Stock

We are proud to be able to keep inventory in our warehouse for our customers. Even though we have a…
Fast Shipping

Fast Shipping

We are able to offer immediate fast shipping on orders for almost all of the products that we offer, due…
Sitter seat is a hygenic product which is easy cleanable

Hygienic Products

Our Soft-Touch material outer skin prevents the seating and positioning products from peeling or tearing and also prevents liquids from…
All Special tomato products are featured with soft touch material, which makes it comfortable and prevent injuries

Soft Touch Material

Hand-crafted in upstate New York, Special Tomato Soft-Touch material products are designed with the needs of the user and care…
All our products has a lot of therapeutic knowledge behind, from years and years of listening.

Designed By Therapists

Designed by Therapists Special Tomato® Soft-Touch® Cushions are designed by therapists. The products have been designed for special needs seating…
The Delta Recline have a reclineablle back, which aloows your child to take a nap or just rest while outside, a Extended Canopy can be attached for sensitive children in need of a comfort zone

Delta Recline

News: Delta Jogger with Recline BackThe Delta Recline with upright back and folded canopy The Delta Recline with the back…

Hip, Chest & Pelvis Harness

2-Point Harness4-Point HarnessThe hip positioning harness comes in two versions with different locking mechanism and adjustment options. The Kinetic Balance…
The Delta Jogger can be converted into a bicycle trailer

Delta Bicycle Trailer

News: Delta Jogger as a Bicycle TrailerThe Delta Jogger can be converted from a Jogger into a bicycle trailer with…
Out & About is lightweight and attachable to regular chair at family or friend gatherings, barbecues and camping etc.

Out & About (OAS)

News: Out & About (OAS)The Out & About as it comes standard This OAS has been equipped with a Liner…
The Special Tomato Liner Hip-Flex is a great alternative to our normal liner, the Hip-Flex has a reclinable back, which makes it a perfect fit to use in reclineable push chairs or chairs.

Liner Hip-Flex

News: Liner Seat with a flexible back for reclining backsOur durable soft touch seating cushion is the perfect solution for…
Recliner is great for a full body support, as it can be fitted with our Liner Hip-Flex and you will be able to bring it to a camping site or use it in a regular reclinable chair

RSS (Recliner Seating System)

NEWS: Recliner Seating System (RSS)# 66010100 – Recliner Support System (head and leg support), Grey Go to ProductThe Recliner Seating…
Delta swivel front wheels attached for easy maneuvreablity on flat ground

Delta Swivel Wheel

News: Delta Swivel front wheelSwivel wheels can be mounted on the standard Delta Terrain Jogger, simply by removing the fixed…
The EIO standard features is Canopy, footrest

EIO New and improved wheels

News: EIO New & Improved WheelsThe EIO pushchair has been updated with new and longer laster solid wheels. In addition…