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The Special Tomato EIO Push Chair is the best of both world – A special needs stroller that provides mild to moderate positioning support and a light-weight stroller that provides all of the bells and whistles that make it easier for the caregiver on the go! The EIO is for users with different needs and consists of shielding from surroundingssensory input, rest and sleeping as well as positioning with harnesses and cushions. 



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Lightweight EIO Push Chair 11 kg

The EIO Push Chair is a lightweight 11 kg pushchair, for children up to 125 cm in height and 40 kg weight.

The EIO standard features is Canopy, footrest
The EIO has an integrated reclineable back which allow children to rest or take naps, and becasue of the canopy is big it great to block out the sun

We often see the EIO pushchair being used for children diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Autism, MD as well as CP and other diagnoses with disorders in the stimuli.

When we make fittings of the EIO pushchair with children we often bring both the EIO and the Jogger Special Tomato pushchairs. The choice between one or the other often comes down to two general questions.

1: If the child needs to be shielded from the surroundings and/or need to sleep!

In this case, the EIO pushchair is ideal due to the large canopy and the reclining back which provide a large private room for the child. For sleeping the footrest adjust to horizontal level and provide an almost flat surface with the reclining back

2: If the family wish to be active with the child!

In this case the Jogger Special Tomato is ideal, as it has a strong and durable frame, with air wheels and spring in the rear.

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Standard features

  • 5-Point Comfort Wrap harness with chest strap and shoulder pads
  • Padded headrest
  • Footrest – Includes 2-position foot block.
  • Removable canopy with parent window
  • Easy-to-push extra large, airless wheels for street or park use.
  • Swivel front wheels with lock out feature for rough terrain
  • Disc brake on the front wheel operated from the push handle
  • One-touch rear brake
  • Spring suspension
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Water Bottle Pocket
  • Folds compactly for transport – you do not need to remove the rear wheels to fold it
  • Latch to keep the stroller folded while transporting or storing it

Standard Adjustments

The EIO can be fitted with or Sitter seat size 1-2 and liner seat size 1-2, besides this it also have a adjustable handlebar so the users guardian can adjust it to the right position

Angle Adjustable push bar
From +60o to -65o

The EIO can be fitted with or Sitter seat size 1-2 and liner seat size 1-2, besides this the EIO also have a adjustable footrest so if your child would like to rest or sleep you can recline the back and almost lay flat like in a bed

Angle Adjustable legrest
From +15o to -55o

The EIO is equipped with a additional footrest cushion, which height adjustable for the best possible fit for the user

Height adjustable footrest cushions

Angle adjustable reclining back rest
25o ~ 75o from full upright

The EIO Wheel are easy to secure and remove with one single push on the quick release.

Front wheels swivel or fixed
directional stabilizer and quick release

The EIO push chair folds very easily even without detaching the wheels, and it will still roll so you wont have to lift it off the ground

Easy to fold in one step

Product Accessories

Rain Cover

Padded headrest

The Bag for legs allows the attached harnesses to be used while in the push chairs

Bag for legs
seat and back 

The bag for legs is easy assesble for the child, as you just scub into one side to stay warm and cozy.

Bag for legs
seat and back 

Product Upgrade

The EIO Push Chair from Special Tomato is equipped with a wide range of features, allowing many to make use of the standard version. But if the child needs just a little extra support, we can mount the Liner Seat and Back (size 1 and 2) or the Sitte Seat (size 1 and 2) in the EIO Push Chair. These extra cushions can easily be placed or removed from the Jogger, allowing the extra cushions to be used with regular chairs. This is very useful when parents go to a restaurant, friends or family. The cushions are Soft Touch and very comfortable for the childFurthermore, the surface is easy to clean with normal detergent.

Liner Cushions in EIO Push Chair

The Liner size 1 to 2 can be fitted into our EIO and Jogger Push Chair and make it more comfortable ride for your child

Our Liner Seat cushion provide better pelvic support
Our Liner Back cushion provide better lateral support

Sitter Seat in EIO Push Chair

The Sitter size 1 to 2 can be fitted into our EIO and Jogger Push Chair and make an even more comfortable ride for your child

Our Sitter Seat is a seat and back in one piece and gives contoured support

The Liner cushions or the Sitter Seats being used in the EIO pushchair can easily be removed and used on regular chairs or simply with a floor base providing the child with the option to be social and active with other children on the floor.

Liner Seat and Back can be mounted on all kind of chairs, which is why this is great to bring along to friends, Family and restaurants etc.
Sitter Seat with a floor base makes it easy for the user to participate in all kinds of activities weather its at the school, home or at institutions etc.

Inside measure:

Article no. Seat width Seat depth Back height Max user weight Max user height Stroller weight
62009900 35,5 cm 30,5 cm 61 cm 40 kg 125 cm 10 kg


Outside measure:

Width with rear wheel Width without rear wheel Length Height
Folded 59 cm 55 cm 93 cm 52 cm
Not Folded 59cm 55 cm 98 cm 109cm

User Manual

German User Manual English User Manual Czech User Manual Russian User Manual Polish User Manual Spanish User Manual

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  1. Yuliya

    Коляска-мечта! Легкая, маневренная, стильная! Когда я ее увидела-просто влюбилась! Никогда бы не подумала,что она предназначена для деток с особыми потребностями!Меня в ней устраивает все: и длина – ребенок долго сможет комфортно ездить,чтобы ноги не “свисали”, и большие колеса, и угол наклона спинки (можно подобрать любой под ребенка), и боковые вкладки – ребенок “не ездит” в ней летом, а зимой в одежде прекрасно поместится, и угол наклона сидушки-не сползает доченька, и большой капюшон,,и подножка с большим количеством положений, и еще много разных полезностей:) мы также купили подголовник и теперь с удовольствием ездим на прогулку,т.к. положение дочки в коляске очень удобное и правильное!!! И конечно, не могу не отметить стоимость коляски – лучшего сочетания цены-качество я еще не встречала!!!! Спасибо отдельно Peder Lindhardt и всей команде за отличную работу, за консультации и доброе отношение к клиентам!!
    Google Translated
    The stroller is a dream! Lightweight, maneuverable, stylish! When I saw her, I just fell in love! I would never have thought that it was designed for children with special needs! Everything suits me: the length – the child will be able to ride comfortably for a long time so that the legs do not “hang down”, and large wheels, and the angle of inclination of the back (you can choose any one for the child ), and the side tabs – the child “does not ride” in it in the summer, and in winter it fits perfectly in clothes, and the angle of inclination of the seat does not slide the daughter, and the big hood, and the footboard with a lot of positions, and many other useful things 🙂 we also bought a headrest and now we are happy to ride a pro ulku, unnecessarily. the position of the daughter in the stroller is very convenient and correct !!! And of course, I can not help but note the cost of the stroller – I have not yet met the best combination of price and quality !!!! Thanks to Peder Lindhardt and the whole team for their excellent work, for the advice and good attitude to customers !!
  2. Sabina E.

    We have recently buy EIO push chair and it is very easy to use and the construction is very good quality.Global Carehab is highly professional and I would honestly recommend their services to anyone who have need for this kind of products.
  3. Olya.M

    Коляска – супер! Она даже больше, чем кажется. Прибыла такая же, как на рисунке. Совсем не выглядит инвалидной и при этом ребенку очень в ней удобно, не сползает, благодаря углу наклона сиденья. Колеса большие и маневренные. Очень порадовала цена и то, что быстро и без проблем мне доставили ее в Украину. Хорошее отношение к клиентам, Очень рада, что Вас нашла.
    Google Translated
    The stroller is super! She is even bigger than she seems. Arrived the same as in the picture. Doesn’t look disabled at all and at the same time the child is very comfortable in it, does not slip, thanks to the angle of the seat. The wheels are large and manoeuvrable. I was very pleased with the price and the fact that they delivered it to Ukraine quickly and without problems. Good customer attitude I am very glad that I found you.
  4. Zanna

    Вот и мы стали счастливыми обладателями этой коляски. Коляска – очень хорошая, главное моему ребенку очень удобно в ней. Спасибо большое Peder Lindhardt за отличную работу с клиентами
    Google Translated
    So we became the happy owners of this stroller. The carriage is very good, the main thing is that my child is very comfortable in it. Thank you very much Peder Lindhardt for the excellent customer service.
  5. Svetlana

    ilzīgs Jums paldies.Šodien saņēmām ratiņus,ratiņi ir vienkārši kolosāli.Un protams paldies Peder Lindhardt par lielisko sadarbību.
    Google Translated
    Thank you.Today we received the trolley, the trolley is just awesome. And of course thank you Peder Lindhardt for the great cooperation.
  6. Ana Soklakova

    Анна Соклакова
    # 1. Спасибо Вам большое!!!Коляска пришла очень быстро-за неделю!!!Это наша не первая коляска этой фирмы.Качеством очень довольны!!! # 2.Спасибо Вам большое за оперативную доставку!!!!Коляска шла по почте неделю-это очень быстро!!!!Эта коляска у нас уже вторая. Первая активно эксплуатировалась 4 года и сейчас “доживает свой век”.
    Google Translated
    # 1. Thank you very much !!! The stroller arrived very quickly in a week! This is not our first stroller of this company. We are very satisfied with the quality! # 2.Thank you very much for the prompt delivery! The first was actively exploited for 4 years and is now “surviving its century.”
  7. Matthieu S-M

    Matthieu from France

    The only thing I can say is: THANK YOU!!
    Thank you Special Tomato for having made such perfect fit products (EIO stroller + Sitter seat)
    Thank you Peder L., our Global Carehab contact who was a great help all the time to offer us the best combination of products for our daughter’s needs

    Coming back on the EIO stroller, we have bought this product because our little girl, 22 months old, 16.5KG and 95cm
    was no longer comfortably seated in any stroller on the market in France.
    After some long hours searching on the web, we were won over by the characteristics of the EIO on paper.

    After a huge number of email exchanges with Peder, we have decided to confirm our order and the least we can say is that we are more than convinced by this stroller.
    It has all the advantages of a ‘medical’ stroller without the inconveniences! And with the Sitter seat, we achieve an unmatched level of comfort for the child.

    This brand really worth the try, trust me!!

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