Sitter Seat is great for activities on the floor being social and learning Soft Touch Sitter for learning and playing. Easy to bring along and strap to regular chairs. OAS is easy to bring along and strap to regular chairs Out and About Seat is easy to strap to a regular chair. Lightweight and easy to carry. The EIO from Special Tomato is great for children who need to rest or being shielded from the surroundings Light weight push chair w. recline back for sleeping and large canopy to protect from weather and sensory stimuli Sitter Seat is a versatile products being used inside and outside MPS seat is durable, flexible with many cushion sizes and can be used for many acitivities The Delta Jogger is great for outdoor activities and for users in need of rest and shielding The Delta Jogger can also be used as a bicycle trailer

Sitter Seats Size 1-5

Soft Touch Sitter Seats
Stable, light weight and easy to bring along

  • Strap to regular chair or one of our bases
  • Great for getaways like restaurants, weekend tours or vacations
  • Great to use at home or in school and kinder gardens
  • Soft Touch and contoured for better support
  • High stability and strong body support
  • Easy to clean and very hygenic
  • From baby to adult sizes

Out & About

Lightweight Seating solution
With headrest and accepts Liner Classic & Hip Flex

  • Easy wipe clean and machine washable Base Fabric and Fabric Pad
  • Padded Attachment Straps to secure Base Fabric and protect furniture
  • Easy side-release buckles
  • Single quick-release button on the pelvic harness
  • 3-Point Padded Adjustable Pelvic Harness
  • 5-Point Padded Adjustable Chest Harness
  • Height Adjustable Headrest to promote midline head position
  • Completely portable with backpack straps for hands free transport

Delta Sitter

Lightweight Stroller
For outdoor activities with a Soft Touch Sitter Seat

  • Accepts following Sitter size 2, 3, 4 & 5
  • Lightweight push chair 13-16kg
  • Max user weight : 90kg
  • Fit users up to 195cm
  • Assembled with drum brake
  • Extremly easy to manouvre
  • Easy to Fold

Delta Jogger Terrain

Lightweight Stroller
For outdoor activities together with your child

  • Lightweight push chair 13 – 16kg
  • Max user weight: 90kg
  • Fit users up to 195cm
  • Assembled with drum brake
  • Extremly easy to manouvre
  • Easy to Fold

EIO Push Chair

Lightweight stroller
Adjustable with shielding for child

  • Lightweidht puch chair – 11 kg
  • Max user weight 40 kg and max user height 125 cm
  • Build in harness system, side cushions, canopy, basket and more
  • Reclinable back up to 75
  • Low maintenance – solid wheels with ball bearings
  • Easy to fold

Jogger Push Chair

Lightweight stroller
For families who loves outdoor activities

  • Lightweight Push Chair – 12 kg
  • Max user weight – 50 kg & 125 cm height
  • Build in Harness system, canopy and spring for soft drive
  • Extra high back – 60 cm
  • Reclinable back up to 50°
  • Easy to Fold

Liner Seat & Back

Soft Touch Seat and Back
Light weight and easy to install

  • Built-in abductor on seat cushion
  • Built-in lateral support on back cushion
  • Soft and molded seat and back cushions
  • Extremely easy to clean and durable
  • Attachment strap to secure the liners to a chair
  • Portable and lightweight

MPS Classic

Seating system
As Seat Only or with Wooden Base

  • Tilt in space 10° – 25°
  • Height adjustable Trunk & Head cushion
  • Angle adjustable Seat cushion +- 15°, height adjustable back cushion
  • Adjustable 5-point harness
  • Four swivel castor wheels for wooden base

MPS Hi-Low

Seating system with Hi-Low frame

  • Ergo harness design
  • Contoured cushion support
  • Adjustable to the floor or dinner table
  • Tilt in space with child in seat
  • Tool free adjustment
  • Tool free adjustment

MAT Table

Height and angle adjustable Mobile Tray

  • Angle adjustable tray surface
  • Weight from 11-13 kg
  • Tall tray height adjustable 50 – 71 cm
  • Short tray height adjustable 40 – 53 cm
  • Easy to move around a room

Potty Seat

Soft Touch Toilet cushion reducing the toilet opening

  • Impermeable to fluids, easy to keep clean and hygienic
  • Easy to clean with common disinfectants
  • Soft and contoured for comfort
  • 2 Different shapes for different toilets
  • When you have to go…on the go
  • Comes with a backpack for hygienic portability

Moldable Seating

Reshapable Seating support
When needed after growth or changes in body shape

  • Vakusan for toilets and bathtubs
  • Vakucare for wheelchairs and regular chairs
  • Vakucoon for wheelchairs and regular chairs

Walking Frames

Prone and Supine support or combination of both.

  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Possibilities for extra seat and back cushions
  • Hipsupport is adjustable in width with safety strap
  • Weightless adjustable gasspring for seat height adjustment
  • Secure strap mounted to the frame
  • Annatomically seat
The wedges makes it possible for children to lay on while playing on the ground, it will help incline their body and head above the floor in a certain angle to maintain a good body position/posture

Rolls & Wedges

Therapy Rolls and Wedges for play and training

  • Utmost comfort and durability
  • Impermeable to fluids
  • Cleans easily with common disinfectant
  • Latex free material
  • Soft Touch material
  • Cracking withstandable material

Car Seat for NON EU countries

Easy to install and bring along

  • Soft contoured support for a comfortable ride
  • Portable, lightweight and durable
  • Installs with LATCH belt
  • Use vehicle shoulder/lap belt to secure occupant
  • Positioning Harness for support
  • Easy to clean, messes wipe off with mild detergent
  • 5-year warranty

Body Positioning Harness

Harness for the perfect body posture

  • Made with soft limestone neoprene material
  • Water and dirt resistant materials
  • Chest Positioning, Hip Positioning, Pelvic Positioning, Ankle Positioning & Multi Band