Sitter Seats Size 1-5

Soft Touch Sitter Seats
Stable, light weight and easy to bring along

  • Strap to regular chair or one of our bases
  • Great for getaways like restaurants, weekend tours or vacations
  • Great to use at home or in school and kinder gardens
  • Soft Touch and contoured for better support
  • High stability and strong body support
  • Easy to clean and very hygenic
  • From baby to adult sizes

Out & About

Lightweight Seating solution
With headrest and accepts Liner Classic & Hip Flex

  • Easy wipe clean and machine washable Base Fabric and Fabric Pad
  • Padded Attachment Straps to secure Base Fabric and protect furniture
  • Easy side-release buckles
  • Single quick-release button on the pelvic harness
  • 3-Point Padded Adjustable Pelvic Harness
  • 5-Point Padded Adjustable Chest Harness
  • Height Adjustable Headrest to promote midline head position
  • Completely portable with backpack straps for hands free transport

Delta Sitter

Lightweight Stroller
For outdoor activities with a Soft Touch Sitter Seat

  • Accepts following Sitter size 2, 3, 4 & 5
  • Lightweight push chair 13-16kg
  • Max user weight : 90kg
  • Fit users up to 195cm
  • Assembled with drum brake
  • Extremly easy to manouvre
  • Easy to Fold

Delta Jogger Terrain

Lightweight Stroller
For outdoor activities together with your child

  • Lightweight push chair 13 – 16kg
  • Max user weight: 90kg
  • Fit users up to 195cm
  • Assembled with drum brake
  • Extremly easy to manouvre
  • Easy to Fold

EIO Push Chair

Lightweight stroller
Adjustable with shielding for child

  • Lightweidht puch chair – 11 kg
  • Max user weight 40 kg and max user height 125 cm
  • Build in harness system, side cushions, canopy, basket and more
  • Reclinable back up to 75
  • Low maintenance – solid wheels with ball bearings
  • Easy to fold

Jogger Push Chair

Lightweight stroller
For families who loves outdoor activities

  • Lightweight Push Chair – 12 kg
  • Max user weight – 50 kg & 125 cm height
  • Build in Harness system, canopy and spring for soft drive
  • Extra high back – 60 cm
  • Reclinable back up to 50°
  • Easy to Fold

Liner Seat & Back

Soft Touch Seat and Back
Light weight and easy to install

  • Built-in abductor on seat cushion
  • Built-in lateral support on back cushion
  • Soft and molded seat and back cushions
  • Extremely easy to clean and durable
  • Attachment strap to secure the liners to a chair
  • Portable and lightweight

MPS Classic

Seating system
As Seat Only or with Wooden Base

  • Tilt in space 10° – 25°
  • Height adjustable Trunk & Head cushion
  • Angle adjustable Seat cushion +- 15°, height adjustable back cushion
  • Adjustable 5-point harness
  • Four swivel castor wheels for wooden base

MPS Hi-Low

Seating system with Hi-Low frame

  • Ergo harness design
  • Contoured cushion support
  • Adjustable to the floor or dinner table
  • Tilt in space with child in seat
  • Tool free adjustment
  • Tool free adjustment

MAT Table

Height and angle adjustable Mobile Tray

  • Angle adjustable tray surface
  • Weight from 11-13 kg
  • Tall tray height adjustable 50 – 71 cm
  • Short tray height adjustable 40 – 53 cm
  • Easy to move around a room

Potty Seat

Soft Touch Toilet cushion reducing the toilet opening

  • Impermeable to fluids, easy to keep clean and hygienic
  • Easy to clean with common disinfectants
  • Soft and contoured for comfort
  • 2 Different shapes for different toilets
  • When you have to go…on the go
  • Comes with a backpack for hygienic portability

Moldable Seating

Reshapable Seating support
When needed after growth or changes in body shape

  • Vakusan for toilets and bathtubs
  • Vakucare for wheelchairs and regular chairs
  • Vakucoon for wheelchairs and regular chairs

Walking Frames

Prone and Supine support or combination of both.

  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Possibilities for extra seat and back cushions
  • Hipsupport is adjustable in width with safety strap
  • Weightless adjustable gasspring for seat height adjustment
  • Secure strap mounted to the frame
  • Annatomically seat
The wedges makes it possible for children to lay on while playing on the ground, it will help incline their body and head above the floor in a certain angle to maintain a good body position/posture

Rolls & Wedges

Therapy Rolls and Wedges for play and training

  • Utmost comfort and durability
  • Impermeable to fluids
  • Cleans easily with common disinfectant
  • Latex free material
  • Soft Touch material
  • Cracking withstandable material

Car Seat for NON EU countries

Easy to install and bring along

  • Soft contoured support for a comfortable ride
  • Portable, lightweight and durable
  • Installs with LATCH belt
  • Use vehicle shoulder/lap belt to secure occupant
  • Positioning Harness for support
  • Easy to clean, messes wipe off with mild detergent
  • 5-year warranty

Body Positioning Harness

Harness for the perfect body posture

  • Made with soft limestone neoprene material
  • Water and dirt resistant materials
  • Chest Positioning, Hip Positioning, Pelvic Positioning, Ankle Positioning & Multi Band