Stock & Delivery

Here at Global Carehab we strive, to keep stock in our warehouse at all times, to minimize the shipping time for the customers. Stock & delivery is a high priority, to keep our customers satisfied and avoid dissatisfaction

Fast Shipping

Fast Shipping

We are able to offer immediate fast shipping on orders for almost all of the products that we offer, due to our inventory strategy of keeping products in stock. We are aware of the time-consuming procedure for many families to find and get funding for the correct product. When we receive an order, we know that it has often taken several months for the customer to reach that decision. We also know that the customer does not want to wait any longer for the product. Therefore, we aim to process the orders within a few days and have them shipped to our customers.
Worldwide shipping

Worldwide Shipping

We do ship to a wide range of different countries around the world and offer many different ways of shipping depending on the size of the order. We ship by post, courier, plane, ship and truck, depending on what is cheapest for the recipient. We ship products throughout Scandinavia, Europe (except the UK), the Middle East, Asia and Africa.
Products in stock

Products in Stock

We are proud to be able to keep inventory in our warehouse for our customers. Even though we have a wide range of products from different suppliers, we do try to keep up with the demand for the different products making sure that we always have products available. Some of the products that we offer are manufactured outside of the EU. These products are often expensive in shipping and with long delivery times. Therefore, we always aim to have these products in stock for immediate delivery. Once these products are in our warehouse in Denmark they will not be subject to additional customs duties for our EU customers.
CE certified

CE Certified

Products for people with special needs are categorized as Medical Products and have to be CE certified. The products we offer are for children, teenagers, and adults with special needs. Products for this group of people are categorized as Medical Products class I and have to comply with the EU Medical Device Regulation 2017/745 as of the 26th of May 2021. It is at all times the manufacturer of the products who have to make sure that the Medical Products does comply with the MDR regulation. The product range “Special Tomato” which we offer in the EU is manufactured outside of the EU. For this product range we, Global Carehab, are the authorized CE representative registered with an SRN number in the European database Eudamed for medical products.