MPS Hi-Low

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The Multi Position Hi-Low system is a shell fitted with head, back and seat cushions to get the absolute best possible body support for the user. The Hi-Low base is height adjustable and able to “tilt in space”, giving multiple possible seating positions for every activity. The footrest is forward, backwards, ups and down adjustable

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Soft Touch Cushions

The Special Tomato™ MPS Hi-Low has been designed to offer comfortable and proper positioning support. Designed for use at home, school, and anywhere else your child’s busy lifestyle takes them.

The MPS Hi-Low cushions are made of a soft touch material, which is very lightweight and has a durable modular seating surface. This allows for individualized adjustment, for the optimum full body support. The seating surface modules are soft for comfort and is supported by the seat shell to maintain position. Cushions are made from a new latex-free material that is not only soft but is tough and durable to withstand deflating, cracking and is impermeable to fluids.

Product Highlights

  • MPS Hi-low Seating system shell comes in 2 sizes – Small and Large
  • Choice of 2 different types of headrests – Standard and Lateral
  • Choice of 2 – 3 different back cushions 
  • Choice of 4 different seat cushions
  • Integrated 5-point Harness – padded straps for better comfort
  • Has Integrated straps for secure attachment to standard chairs 
  • The Special Tomato products contain NO Phthalates 
  • Latex free material 
  • Peel- and tear-resistant and impermeable to fluids 
  • Withstand cracking 
  • Anti-microbial agent 
  • Cleans easily with common disinfectants 

Product Features / Adjustments

The MPS hi-low is able to be height adjusted from close to the floor to up to a dinner tables normal height

From floor to table height

The MPS Hi-Low makes it possible for the user to be tilted up to 30 degrees backwards and 10 degrees forwards and still be easy to maneuvre around inside

Tilt-in-Space for comfort

The MPS Hi-Low is equipped with a handle bar which is designed for tall and short people

Adjustable handle – Designed for tall and short person 

The MPS Hi-Low is stadard equipped wih a footrest for the children to use while sitting in the MPS chair, This is also able to be tilted as the user wants to

Height, depth and angle adjustable footrest 

MPS Cushions

Headrest Cushions

MHL / Lateral Headrest
For more support around the neck
19 cm x 16,5 cm

MBL / Lateral Headrest
For more support around the neck

MHS / Standard Headrest
Less neck support for children with more head control
18 cm x 15 cm

MBS / Standard Headrest
Less neck support for children with more head control

SMALL - Back and Seat Cushions

Back Cushions

20 cm x 21,5 cm

23 cm x 28 cm

Seat Cushions

18 cm x 15 cm

22 cm x 20 cm

The mps comes in various sizes as well as colors

25 cm x 25 cm

25 cm x 30 cm

LARGE - Back and Seat Cushions

Back Cushions

25,5 cm x 28 cm

28 cm x 33 cm


33 cm x 35 cm

Seat Cushions

28 cm x 28 cm

30 cm x 33 cm

33 cm x 38 cm

33 cm x 43 cm

Product Accessories

MPS Tray

The MPS tray can be used for the MPS shell soyour child have theirown dinner table while they sit in their comfortable soft touch cuhusions

MPS Tray

The MPS Hi-Low is made for kids who need full body support, and with the MPS it is possible to tilt the user both backwards up to 30 degrees and 10 degrees forewards and not only that it is also able to be height adjusted, and it can be complimented with a tray which makes it easy to eat of as is very easy to clean afterwards

MPS Tray attached to mobile base

The MPS Tray is able to tilt backwards and forwards as well as the MPS shell it self

MPS Tray tilt adjustment

Seat Cushions – Small & Large

Cushions Seat width Seat depth Hip Flex angle Seat to Footrest approx. user age approx. user height
MS1 18cm (7″) 15cm (6″)  -15° to + 15° 15-40cm (6″-16″) 9mos.-3yrs 71cm-94cm (28″-37″)
MS3 23cm (9″) 20cm (8″)  -15° to + 15° 15-40cm (6″-16″) 2yrs-5yrs 71cm-94cm (28″-37″)
MS5 25cm (10″) 25cm (10″)  -15° to + 15° 15-40cm (6″-16″) 4yrs-8yrs 101cm-127cm (40″-50″)
MS7 25cm (10″) 30cm (12″)  -15° to + 15° 15-40cm (6″-16″) 5yrs-9yrs 109cm-132cm (43″-52″)
ML1 28cm (11″) 28cm (11″) -15° to + 15° 20-45cm (8″-18″) 6yrs-9yrs 114cm-147cm (45″-58″)
ML3 30cm (12″) 30cm (12″) -15° to + 15° 20-45cm (8″-18″) 8yrs-11yrs 122cm-152cm (48″-60″)
ML5 33cm (13″) 38cm (15″) -15° to + 15° 20-45cm (8″-18″) 10yrs-14yrs 122cm-157cm (48″-62″)
ML7 33cm (13″) 43cm (17″) -15° to + 15° 20-45cm (8″-18″) 12 – adult 147cm- (58″- )

Back Cushions – Large

Cushions Lateral width Height Top of Back cushion Top of Head cushion approx. user age approx. user height
MS2 20cm (8″) 21cm (8.5″) 28cm-40cm (11″-16″) 45-58cm (18″-23″) 9mos.-3yrs 71cm-94cm (28″-37″)
MS4 23cm (9″) 28cm (11″) 38cm-51cm (15″-20″) 53-56cm (21″-26″) 2yrs-9yrs 81cm-132cm (32″-52″)
ML2 25cm (10″) 28cm (11″) 38cm-51cm (15″-20″) 61cm-71cm (24″-28″) 6yrs-9yrs 114cm-147cm (45″-58″)
ML4 28cm (11″) 33cm (13″) 48cm-56cm (19″-22″) 66cm-76cm (26″-30″) 8yrs-adult 122cm- (48″-)

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