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The Sitter Seat is a lightweight and contoured seat with a soft-touch feature. It is equipped with a harness system for extra support. The seat can be used on a regular chair or in one of our bases specially designed for the Sitter seat. Thus, the seat is easy to bring to places where a wheelchair can be inconvenient like school, kindergarten, restaurants as well as travels.

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Soft Touch Cushions

The Special Tomato™ Sitter seat has been designed to offer comfortable and proper positioning support. Hence, the seat is made from flexible Soft Touch material for the comfort and protection of the user. Furthermore, the shaped Sitter seat is made from a new latex-free material that is not only soft but is tough and durable to withstand deflating, cracking and is impermeable to fluids. 

Product Highlights

  • Contoured Soft Touch Seat including a 5-point Harness
  • Integrated straps for secure attachment to standard chairs
  • Contoured seat for better positioning
  • Integrated side supports
  • Contoured integrated pommel/abduction
  • Integrated head support
  • The Special Tomato products contain NO Phthalates
  • Latex free material
  • Peel and tear resistant and impermeable to fluids
  • Withstand cracking
  • Anti-microbial agent
  • Cleans easily with common disinfectants
The sitter Seat is a very hygiene as it can be cleaned with normal disinfectant wipes, it also fit to a regular chair which makes it perfect for traveling or going to a restaurant as it will adapt to the chair there with the two simple straps
An up close picture of how the straps should be applied on the floor base for the maximum comfort for the user/your child

Product Features

The Floor base alllows the Sitter Seat to be tilted in the needed position of your child, as this pictures shows the various angels the Seat can be mounted on the Base
  • Angle adjustable seat
  • The lightweight seat makes it easy to bring outside the home
  • A perfect complimentary seat to a Seating System
  • Provides freedom for parents, when Sitter Seat is secured to the chair next to the parent
  • Provides social interaction for the child by participating at the dinner table


Possible combinations with a Sitter Seat

The sitter Seat is a very hygiene as it can be cleaned with normal disinfectant wipes, it also fit to a regular chair which makes it perfect for traveling or going to a restaurant as it will adapt to the chair there with the two simple straps

Mounted on a regular chair

The Sitter Seat is also able to be fitted into our Jogger and EIO Push Chairs, this is only size 1-2 for the bigger sizes we have a Delta Push chair which allows bigger sizes to be applied

Placed in an EIO Push chair

The Jooger Push chair is able to fit a size 1 and 2 sitter seat which will make it a extra comfortale ride for your child

Placed in a Jogger Push chair

the delta jogger can be fitted with a sitter canvas which makes it possible to fit a sitter seat into the push chair and bring it along outdoor

Placed in a Delta Jogger Push chair

Product Upgrade

Floor Base

Sitter Seat with a floor base makes it easy for the user to participate in all kinds of activities weather its at the school, home or at institutions etc.

Is very good for play activities for the child as well as being a part of a bigger playgroup
Our Floor Base can be suited with a Sitter Seat size 1-3

Stationary Base

The Sitter Seat can like the floor base be mounted in differnt angels to make sure your child sits in the most comfortable position, Lilac, Purple

Our Stationary Base is made os wood and is fitted with a gliding kit to prevent a scuffed floor
Our Small Base fits Sitter Seat size 1-3
Our Large Base fits Sitter Seat size 4-5

Mobile Base

The Sitter Seat can like the floor base be mounted in differnt angels to make sure your child sits in the most comfortable position

Our Mobile Base is made of wood and is mounted with wheels making it easy to manoeuvre on a plan level
Our Small Base fits Sitter Seat size 1-3
Our Large Base fits Sitter Seat size 4-5

Special Tomato Soft Touch Sitter measurements

Description Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Size 5
User target group 1-3 years 3-6 years 6-9 years 9-14 years 13 and up
User weight, max 9-18 kg
(Ibs 20-40)
13-27 kg
(Ibs 29-60)
18-36 kg
(Ibs 40-80)
22-50 kg
(Ibs 48-111)
40-90 kg
(Ibs 88-200)
User target height 75-100 cm
87-120 cm
100-140 cm
125-162 cm
135-185 cm
Seat width  20 cm (8″) 25 cm (10″) 30 cm (12″) 35 cm (14″) 40 cm (16″)
Seat depth 17,5 cm (7″) 23,5 cm (9″) 28,5 cm (11″) 33,5 cm (13″) 40 cm (16″)
Seat back height 52,5 cm (21″) 65 cm (25″) 72,5 cm (28″) 82,5 cm (32″) 97,5 cm (38″)
Overall seat width  30 cm (12″) 35 cm (14″) 40 cm (16″) 45 cm (18″) 50 cm (20″)
Overall seat depth 30 cm (12″) 35 cm (14″) 40 cm (16″) 47,5 cm (19″) 52,5 cm (21″)
Overall seat height  62,5 cm (25″) 72,5 cm (29″) 85 cm (33″) 95 cm (37″) 110 cm (43″)
Weight of seat 2,7 kg (lbs 6) 4,5 kg (lbs 10) 5,9 kg (lbs 13) 7,25 kg (lbs 16) 8,6 kg (lbs 19)


User Manual

German User Manual English User Manual Czech User Manual Dutch User Manual Italian User Manual Spanish User Manual

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  1. Simon, Holland

    Simon, Holland
    De stoel is perfect en comfortabel voor mensen die wat extra ondersteuning nodig hebben, mensen die moeten leren rechtop zitten of voor mensen die niet alleen kunnen zitten. De stoel is voorgevormd wat een goede zitondersteuning geeft en werkt anti-stakend tegen de rug en romp wat resulteert in minder complicaties en een betere houding. Wanneer ik op deze stoel plaats, zit ik rechtop in een perfecte rechtopstaande houding zitpositie wat meer zitondersteuning geeft dan op een normale stoel. De sitter kan op de meeste normale stoelen of bureaustoelen worden vastgemaakt. Je kunt het ook op een bank zetten wat ook erg comfortabel is. Omdat de stoel erg zacht is, is hij ook perfect te gebruiken als relaxstoel. De stoel kan vanaf ongeveer 25 graden worden gekanteld. Hiermee kunt u de juiste zitpositie voor uw behoeften kiezen. De stoel heeft een ingebouwde ontvoerder wat een goede beenafscheiding ten goede komt, voor mij niet echt nodig. Verder wordt het geleverd met een 5-punts veiligheidsharnas voor mij ook niet nodig, maar het geeft nog meer zitondersteuning. Het kan worden gebruikt voor een stabiele positionering in de stoel voor mensen die niet alleen kunnen zitten of voor meer veiligheid. Wanneer het niet nodig is, kan het tuigje van de stoel worden verwijderd. Het is niet zo eenvoudig om het harnas te installeren, maar als het is geïnstalleerd het is goed om aan te trekken. Ik heb het harnas getest. Het is zeer comfortabel en past perfect. De kruisriem biedt extra ondersteuning voor de heupen, maar voorkomt dat er niet genoeg in de stoel naar beneden glijdt. Het H-harnas werkt erg goed. Het voorkomt voorover buigen en houdt de gebruiker in een perfecte rechte zitpositie. Conclusie: het is een beetje duur maar een goed ondersteunend en comfortabel hulpmiddel.
    Google Translated
    Good afternoon! The Seat is perfect and comfortable for people who need some extra support, people who must learn to sit up in a right position or for people who cannot sit on their own. The chair is contoured what gives a good seating support and works anti-thrusting to the back and trunk what result in less complications and better posture. When seating in this seat i sit directly in a perfect upright seating position what gives more seating support as on a normal chair. The sitter can be strapped on most normal chairs or office chairs. You can also put it on a sofa what is also very comfortable. Because the seat is very soft it’s also perfectly usable as a relax chair. The chair can be tilt to around 25 degrees from upright. This allows you to choose the right seating position for your needs. The seat has an build-in abductor what privides good leg separation, for me not really needed. Further it comes with a 5 point safety harness for me also not needed however it gives even more seating support. It can be used for steady positioning in the seat for people who cannot sit on their own or for more safety. When not needed, the harness can be undone from the chair. It’s not so easy to install the harness but when installed it’s esay to put on. I have test the harness. It is very comfortable and fits perfectly. The crotch strap gives extra support for the hips but it prevents not enough from sliding down in the chair. The H-Harness works very well. It prevents to bend forwards and holds the user in a perfect upright seating position. Conclusion: It’s a bit expensive but a good supportive and comfortable tool.
  2. Julia

    Отличное сидение для особых деток! Моя доченька не сидит,не держит голову и ей противопоказаны физические нагрузки. В этом сидении она комфортно сидит (на попке,не на копчике), спинка ровная , угол сиденья очень комфортный – ножки не сильно подняты,но и ребенок не сползает, и самое главное – дочка не устает в этом сидении! А значит теперь мы с удовольствием передвигаемся по дому и улице и учимся максимально вертикально сидеть – конструкция сиденья позволяет легко менять угол наклона! очень порадовал материал из которого сделано сидение – мягкий и плотный, очень комфортный! вообще, все продумано в этом товаре! В том числе и ремни – сиденье можно прикрепить к простому стулу, к креслу самолета, к коляске – супер удобная вещь для особых деток!
    Google Translated
    Great seating for special kids! My daughter does not sit, does not hold her head, and physical activity is contraindicated to her. In this seat, she sits comfortably (on the ass, not on the tailbone), the back is flat, the seat angle is very comfortable – the legs are not raised much, but the child does not slip, and most importantly, the daughter does not get tired in this seat! So now we we move around the house and the street with pleasure and learn to sit as vertically as possible – the seat structure makes it easy change the angle! I was very pleased with the material from which the seat is made – soft and dense, very comfortable! generally all thought out in this product! Including belts – the seat can be attached to a simple chair, to an airplane chair, to a stroller – super handy thing for special kids!
  3. Franz

    Franz, Germany

    Wir haben vor kurzem den Sitz Gr.3 für unseren Sohn, der wegen einer Tetraspastik nicht allein sitzen kann, gekauft. Wir nutzen den Sitter Seat für unterwegs, zu Gast und auf Reisen. So brauchen wir keinen großen, schweren, unhandlichen Therapiestuhl mitnehmen. Nach mehrmaliger Nutzung sind wir anhaltend sehr zufrieden mit dem Sitter Seat. Die Handhabung ist simpel (Seat wird einfach auf einen Lehnstuhl mit 2 Gurten fixiert. Der Seat ist leicht und gut transportierbar (schade, dass er in Deutschland nicht als Autositz zugelassen ist, dann könnte man sich noch mehr Gepäck auf Reisen sparen!). Die Begurtung ist ebenfalls sehr gut. Also eine deutliche Empfehlung! Und jetzt würde ich ihn gern zum nächsten Kinobesuch mitnehmen, damit wir alle ganz entspannt mal Film gucken können
    Google Translated
    We have recently bought the seat size 3 for our son, who can not sit alone because of a tetraspastics. We use the Sitter Seat for traveling, as a guest and traveling. So we do not need a big, heavy, carry unwieldy therapy chair. After repeated use, we are still very satisfied with the Sitter Seat. The handling is simple (Seat is simply fixed on an armchair with 2 straps. The seat is light and easy to transport (a pity that it is not allowed in Germany as a car seat, then you could save even more luggage while traveling!). The birth is also very good. So a clear recommendation! And now I would like to take him to the next cinema, so that we can all watch the movie very relaxed;)
  4. Zofia

    Zofia, Denmark
    Min oplevelse med tomato sitter er den støtter rigtig godt, og hjælp med at min søn kan holde sig selv, og ikke skal brug vest, det er den beste stol vi har haft. Den er nem at tag med og min søn kan side med ved boret ved at sætte tomatositter på en spisebordstol.
    Google Translated
    My experience with Tomato Sitter is that it supports really well, and help my son keep himself upright and not have to wear a vest, it is the best chair we have had. It is easy to carry and my son can sit at the table by putting the seats on a dining table chair.
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